Rumor: Como Trabaja el Hack de Wii Homebrew

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En los juegos de Wii, hay dos valores que que se ponen juntos para hacer el desencriptado de key en-el-aire con el cual la Wii puede actualmente ejecutar el juego. Una en el anillo de la seguridad de los discos fabricados, y otra está almacenada en cada Wii para desencriptar datos ( La Key Estática). Lo que ha pasado aquí es que ellos tienen la key del juego "Lego Star Wars" simplemente del disco, y ellos tienen la Entera Key ("Maestra") usada para desencriptar solamente el juego Lego Star Wars a través de un dumpeo de la memoria de Wii ( esto fue hecho al desactivar algunos de los puentes de ATi que cierran la RAM durante el modo Gamecube)

Ahora, esto resultó en la key "maestra" de Lego Star Wars, y la key del "autentificación del disco" para él tambien. Por Ingenieria inversa esto resultó en la key generíca de datos de Wii, lo que les permite grabar sus propios datos bajo el disfraz de Lego Stars Wars. Entonces, por supuesto, un modchip fue necesario sino ellos no podrían carcar sus propios discos....

SUPONEMOS, que eso es lo que está pasando... Nintendo no podrá parchear esto con una actualización de Firmware. Tendría que cambiar las keys de Hardware y más definitivamente arreglar el cierre de puentes ATi también.

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Entrevista al hacker del video de 24C3

Los amigos de Tehskeen han entrevistado al hacker del video que os mostramos ayer de la ejecución de codigo casero en Wii. Aquí os la dejo en inglés.

"With over 87,000 viewers of the YouTube video of the 24c3 Nintendo Wii Presentation plus the countless news articles on the Internet the world now knows the Nintendo Wii has been fully exploited allowing end users to run their own code in Wii Mode.

As this is ground breaking news I sought out Brushing the presenter (the guy in the video) for an exclusive scoop on the entire experience. If you haven't already heard check out this news article to get the details about the exploit and then click on the link below to read the Interview. Enjoy!"

Originally Posted at

So you attended the 24c3. Can you tell me briefly what the convention is all about?

> Sure. This was my first time attending -- I went this year because it sounds like fun, and a friend of mine (mist, who was one of the Xbox 360 presenters this year, and who also presented last year on IIRC Xbox stuff) suggested I come along.

> It's one of the longest-standing hacker conferences around -- it's almost as old as I am! -- and it has a great reputation for being open and bringing together a diverse group of people to talk about neat stuff, and, well, just sit down together and hack on stuff.

Yes, it does sound like a good time. So were you invited because Mist knew of your revolutionary discovery?

> Well, I don't know that I was really "invited" -- I just went as an attendee. Mist knew that I'd been working on the Wii stuff -- and actually, he had introduced me to some of the others I worked with (such as tmbinc). It seemed like a good opportunity to meet some like-minded people, and maybe get some ideas. I brought all of my "stuff" along, hoping I might be able to show *something*, but didn't know we'd have anything ready to show.

> So, Mist and tmbinc told me they'd lend me a little bit of their talk if I wanted, and that's what ended up happening. (at the very last moment, no less!)

So you basically compared ideas and found the exploit on the spot?

> It was a bit more involved than that. I've been working with tmbinc and a few others, on and off, for a few months -- I don't want to name them until I've asked them if they want to be named -- but I certainly had a lot of help. We'd managed to decrypt a lot of the Wii data within the past month, and had been looking for a way to run homebrew code.

> We had a few different ideas for things to do, but nothing really seemed to work -- I have so many DVDs that I burned that booted half-way and then froze -- but at the last minute (maybe 30 mins before the presentation), I managed to get one that I could reproduce reliably (at least for a demo)

Talk about timing! No wonder you were so excited! Now that you've been able to run code in Wii mode what are your plans?

> Heh, yeah, I was surprised to see so many comments about that on the YouTube posting. I was pretty excited and pretty nervous, sure, and not entirely positive it would actually work. I had hoped to get a little more polish on the demo -- like putting in some greets, etc -- but I ran out of DVDs at the last minute and had to run across the street to get some more. [...]

> The solution we found is still not very clean -- we intend to release a good solution, but it's going to take some time to do it right. I mostly wanted to show a proof of concept, that it could be done, and hopefully give people some ideas that they could pursue on their own.

> The immediate next goal is getting something like SDLoad working so that I can stop killing plastic trees -- after that, it'd be neat to have, say, a Linux Channel.

Yeah, Linux would be a great addition to the Wii. You mentioned giving people ideas they could pursue on their own? Do you mean people in your circle or do you plan on releasing the information to the public?

> No, I meant the public as a whole. I talked about the address line hack that we'd done -- well, really, tmbinc is the one who finally pulled it off correctly -- in the hopes that others would take that and run with that. I'm not sure it's a super-hot idea for me to go around giving away all sorts of keys -- and besides, I'm hoping others will come up with easier / better ideas. I wanna learn, too!

So do you plan on releasing the information used to create the demo or wait until you have a more viable solution like you mentioned?

> Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait for a more viable solution. It's pretty hacky right now -- really, we barely pulled it off. There's so much to learn about this system (the Wii in general), since it's been one big black encrypted box until recently.

That's understandable. So you're next goal is for a SD Load Wii Edition. Do you have an estimated time frame on when this would be released and what functionality would it include?

> It's hard to say -- the time frame on this has been so wacky already. We worked for months with no progress, then would make great strides in a weekend, then get busy with Real Life (tm), etc. As far as functionality goes, it will probably be pretty basic, similar to the original SDLoad -- it will still have to use a GC mem card / SD card adapter, and it will just load .dols. [,,,[

> Much of the file formats, etc, are similar to that of the GameCube (once decrypted, or so I'm told -- I never had one to play with), so people should be able to start with that. I'm not sure what immediate advantages we'll see, though. (vs just running in GC mode)

> The things that make the Wii special -- Wiimote, WiiConnect24, channels, etc -- are all different than the GC, and as always, there's no documentation whatsoever.

Yes, I'm sure a lot of work will have to be done to take advantage of the Wii's extra components. I'm sure there will be a lot of activity in the Wii community now. All in all it's a great start and you've made history. Would you like to say anything else?

> Only that I'm grateful for the friends that I've made doing this -- and it's been fun, too. I'm glad I was able to play a part. Oh, and tehskeen rulez.

Thanks, I didn't know you were a visitor.

> Sure, thanks for the chat. Yup, I've been around lurking a while, just taking it all in and trying to learn. Tehskeen's always been a nice source of actual real, helpful info when I was trying to figure out how this stuff works and what other people had already tried, so that I could find a way to contribute.

Okay, take it easy and good luck with your future endeavours.

> Thanks! I'll be around

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Como ya sabrás, hace unos días se presentó en el 24th Annual Chaos Communication Congress (24C3), un completo hackeo de Wii capaz de cargar de forma nativa aplicaciones caseras (homebrew), es decir, que carga codigo propio y lo ejecuta en modo wii con las funciones del WiiMote. Pues bien, he decidido crear Wii-Scene para iros informando sobre las últimas novedades acerca de este hackeo y de las futuras aplicaciones que vayan saliendo.

Saludos, y os dejo el video de la presentación